The Lake by Tananarive Due: Review

The Lake

The Lake by Tananarive Due is a short story, super short at 20 pages or so, and part of an anthology titled The Monster’s Corner. I picked The Lake because I wanted to read a spooky story for A More Diverse Universe that would work for Carl’s RIP and Jenn recommended Ms Due. I hadn’t read anything from Tananarive Due so this short work was a place to start and, hey, it’s FREE.

In The Lake, a new teacher comes to the town of Graceville, Florida. Abbie LaFleur has come from Boston to start anew and what better way than to buy an old house on a beautiful lake. What no one tells Abbie is that swimming in the lake is dangerous and not just because of the gators. Abbie has secrets but so does the lake.

I don’t want to give too much away; it’s a short story and a lot of its punch would be lost. At its heart, The Lake is about monsters but are the monsters just humans in disguise? I was impressed at how Tananarive Due is able to manipulate the reader by using Abbie’s point of view. At first, I was sympathetic towards Abbie. People must have really had it out for her, and then…oh…what did you do in Boston, Abbie?

I will definitely read more from Tananarive Due. If not this week, then sometime soon.



  1. Ever since the first time you mentioned this story, I've been meaning to read it. Hopefully I'll get to it soon. I'm so curious now.

  2. Ditto what Vasilly said! I am very intrigued. And thanks for reviewing a short story - this is the first review of one I've seen for the challenge :-)

  3. Eva just recommended Tananarive Due for RIP, so I added her to my list!

  4. Sounds good! I've been reading to try one of her novels for a long time now. October is the best month for horror!


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