Lazy Sunday Thoughts

Hey all! What’s shaking?

It’s supposed to be Sweater Weather but I think it’s looking like Shorts and Sandals Weather today. I think I need to go for a drive later. It’s gorgeous!

It’s been a slow reading week. I’m still working on The Scapegoat but I also moved onto The Golden Calf by Mary Elizabeth Braddon (of Lady Audley fame). It’s the best example of male entitlement I think I’ve ever read. These guys, they’re awful!

Since I don’t have a lot to say, how about some links?

*Have you heard? Dear Author is being sued by Ellora’s Cave for reporting facts. I will not being reading anything from that publisher. I hope their writers can get themselves untangled from that whole mess. Jane herself is a lawyer so this seems like a bad move on Ellora Cave’s part.

*Go and read Trish’s thoughts on some of the commentary about diverse reading. The relationship between reader and what they read often falls under the heading “It’s complicated.”

*Want to see some weird Adam and Eve medieval art? Sure you do! My favorites are “Just crawling naked through the grass” and “Let’s take a bath with a giant monster.” (Public Domain Review)

*Here is the book trailer for Horrorstor. Enjoy!


  1. I know most people love fall and spring but I always struggle with what to wear. I decided on long pants and a t-shirt with sandals today and now I'm hot. I know I'll be cool if I change. *sigh*

  2. We are having the opposite kind of day here. It was supposed to be our last sunny day but it's completely grey (and I assume not warm). I'm going to have to go out and do that yard work anyway though. :P

  3. Cooler today but hot again later this week. I am over the heat! But, with October around the corner, I am looking forward to The Walking Dead and American Horror Story starting up again!


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