Lazy Sunday Thoughts Are Getting Organized


Hello, Sunday readers! How was your week?

I’m settling into my job while getting my kid adjusted to a new school. There was some bussing trouble that needed fixing. Plus, the first week of school means sign ups for afterschool activities. I haven’t had any time to blog.

I did read two books though! I finished Horrorstor over a weekend and listened to At the Mountains of Madness during the week. I’ll have some reviews up soon. I also started listening to a Librivox recording of The Camp of the Dog by Algernon Blackwood. Here’s the thing though, I stopped listening to it.

The story starts out well enough. A group of Brits go camping on a Swedish island. There is a girl who is born for the outdoors. She’s tough and, of course, she can’t be pretty because she’s not delicate, you know. Fine. Camping with her and her parents is a pale Canadian that Nice Guy’s her the whole time and she can’t tell him to beat it because it would break his sad little heart. Ugh…okay. Then a wild dog starts stalking her in the night. Instead of leaving like sensible people they call in some old paranormal scientist dude. Why? Just leave! The scientist dude diagnoses Werewolf. Then it got real racist and I bailed. I can usually put up with this for ole timey books. My co-bloggers over at Project Gutenberg Project and I even discussed this before but I couldn’t tolerate the racism disguised as science, and bad science at that.


So it’s a DNF for me. For a better werewolf story read Alexandre Dumas’s The Wolf Leader.

I’ve moved onto The Grey Woman by Elizabeth Gaskell and it is pure Gothic storytelling. It’s got everything: damsels, castles, murder, that thing where there’s a manuscript within the story. I hope to have better luck with this one.

Even though it’s been a hot and humid and not at all fallish weekend, I did see pumpkins at the grocery store. The cool weather is coming! Bring on the Pumpkin Spice Lattes!


  1. Starting a new job at the beginning of a school year must have been tough. It's still hot here too.

  2. IS the cold weather coming? Try as I might I cannot make myself truly believe in it...

  3. Today was nice and cool! It never really warmed up today and it was so nice. I guess I'll have to get ou the sweaters soon.

  4. It's been like 98 degrees here and humid too which is hardly ever is. I saw pumpkins at the store too and it's a joke because they would totally be rotten by Halloween if I bought them now.

    I can do pumpkin stuff when it's so hot out. I can't even light my candles without feeling like a freak.


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