Lazy Bloggiesta For Lazy Sunday Thoughts

I had no intentions of doing Bloggiesta this time around but ended up participating in two Twitter chats. I’m a sucker for Twitter chats! I did write half a review, updated my Review page, and backed up my blog. Bloggiesta always reminds me to do that.

As for reading, I read two short stories from Monstrous Affections for Diverse Universe this weekend. Hopefully by tonight I will have reviewed them for next week. I am trying to get into The Scapegoat but I have no idea what is going on in the story.

I listened to a Librivox recording of Colette’s Barks and Purrs and it was delightful! I’ll review that for Project Gutenberg Project soon. At the moment, I’m listening to The Golden Calf by Mary Elizabeth Braddon. I’m a bit obsessed with Mary right now. Victorian Sensation novels are my jam.

Summer is nearly over and it’s time to see how the garden did this year. The beans did so well that I think I’m going to plant more varieties next year. The tomatoes were okay. The carrots are just starting to show their worth. I have a love hate relationship with growing carrots. My lettuce and radishes were terrible. Not enough mild spring weather to get anything out of them. Beans were the definite winner in this version of The Hunger Games.


Now I’m off to cook these bad boys to have with pulled pork sandwiches. Later!


  1. I am envious of everyone's garden hauls. We cannot grow anything here with this drought. It's not like I used to grow much before but yes, I am still green with envy. There was a little bit of dew on stuff this morning but everything smelled like wet hay after that since most everything is dead.

  2. Some things did really well in our garden and other things didn't really come up at all...

  3. I pulled three (little) tomatoes off my plant before we went to Toronto and by the time I got back home the entire plant was dead. win. We did eat lots and lots of beans off the vine (or whatever it is) at my grandparents', though. So delicious. I'd say those beans deserve to be the Victor.

  4. Beans! Well done you! My parents have a neighborhood garden of which I sometimes reap the spoils, but I am never able to grow anything myself. I have the blackest of thumbs!


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