Happy August!


Happy August, all! I’m still around. I’ve been doing summer things, like learning how to use my camera. I’m finding Pinterest to be a real help with this. There are so many camera tutorials that are user friendly.

I just picked up Landline by Rainbow Rowell. So far it’s good, I just have to make time to read it. I have to stop watching quality television like Sharknado 2 (but it was so good in a bad way).

Honestly, I’ve been thinking a lot about the fall and looking forward to reading as the leaves change. Things cool off and slow down. I’m not trying to rush through the year but I do love that season.



  1. Sharknado 2. Yes, I watched it. I needed the laugh. I don't think it could have been anymore ridiculous. My fave, the buzz saw hand.

  2. I still haven't watched the first Sharknado! It's one of those films where I am convinced it needs to be in my life, and that it will possibly be the highlight of my month, but the time just hasn't been RIGHT. When Sharknado Day comes, I'll know. And it will be glorious.

  3. I keep pinning camera tutorials but then forget to look at them. Fun to play with a new camera, though!

    Ahhh yes, fall. I'm usually counting down the days but our weather has been so mild that now I'm scared of a wretched winter!

  4. I still haven't seen Sharknado 1! What is wrong with me!

  5. I love summer, so I'm trying not to wish it away, but I love fall so much more. Sigh. Happy August!! I hope you're enjoying Landline! I want to read it this month.

  6. Nice picture! I'm trying to get back into photography and re-learn everything. In fact, in a couple of weeks, I will participating in a photography workshop. I can't wait!!


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