Media Madness Monday: The Alien’s Secret Swedish Baby*

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I'm a media junkie, not just books, but TV, movies, music, podcasts, and internet nonsense. Every Monday I discuss something that's caught my interest this past week.

On the TV

Extant. I’ve been watching this new summer series on CBS starring Halle Berry. My husband complains that it’s too slow, but I like it. The premise is that in the future Molly (Halle Berry) goes on a solo mission to space and comes back pregnant. How did that happen?


There are other things happening on Extant. Molly has an android son her husband built when they couldn’t get pregnant. Molly’s boss is up to no good and an old co-worker faked his suicide. I’d like to see where this is going.

Welcome to Sweden. This is a cute show. Bruce (Greg Poehler) quits his job and moves to Sweden to be with his Swedish girlfriend. There are many cultural misunderstandings. I hope this one sticks around but since I like it, it doesn’t have a hope in hell.

Drunk History. Drunk History is back baby! I don’t think this season is as funny though…so far. I think the drunks are studying too hard beforehand.

Luther. Netflix! What a tool for watching all the shows you do not get on TV. I’m loving Luther. Idris Elba! Rowr! He plays the titular Luther, a London detective with issues. He let a bad dude almost die, and was suspended for it. He’s back on the job but his wife has left him for another guy. He’s got troubles. Then he meets Alice (Ruth Wilson) who is a psychopath obsessed with him. More Trouble in River City! Ruth Wilson is terrifying. She ain’t no Jane Eyre. This show has short seasons so shit gets real, real fast.


I can’t stop listening to Brooklyn Baby by Lana Del Ray. Can’t help it.


Podcasting YouTube

I’ve been hearing everyone (well, certain people on Twitter) talking about Booktube. Booktube is the bookish niche of Youtube. I subscribed to 2 channels right away: Ron Lit and Audham EnTha. I liked ease with which they discuss books and they play a little background music with their videos. I have a short attention span when it comes to Youtube so I need to be kept focused. They get points for keeping me from getting distracted by shiny things.


On the Web

This is a thought provoking piece by actress Leighton Meester on the character she plays from Of Mice and Men.

I loved this blog post by Grease and Glamour about travel. It makes me want to be braver.

So, hey, I hope you check out some of these links!

*Wouldn’t that be a great title for a Harlequin romance?


  1. Awww, you'll love BookTube. There are some brilliant channels out there (BazPierce is another good one - concise, literary and deeply snarky) and I LOVE being able to read blogs about books when I have proper concentration-y time, and watch videos about books during mealtimes and when I'm tired. NOW I CAN DO BOOKS ALL THE TIME!

    1. Yay! Book all the time! I'll have to check out that channel too. Thanks!

  2. Important question because Idris Elba is the perfect human man: How gory is Luther? I've held off watching it because I remember watching Spoofs and being very upset by some like acid burning or something that happened on it. And I'm worried Luther will be similarly violent, and I have a weak stomach. On the other hand, I am mad about Idris Elba and want to watch everything he's in.

    1. Unfortunately it's pretty bloody. I look away a lot. I never watched Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones and stopped watching The Sopranos because of the violence so I'm surprised I've enjoyed Luther. That might be a testament to Idris Elba!

  3. I haven't found Luther to be all that bloody. Gore doens't really bother me much, but I don't like torture porn, which is what Spooks (MI-5) became after a few seasons. I can't stand bad writing, which is what most torture porn turns into.

    Luther is really good because of Idris Elba and the actress who plays his foil in many of the episodes. I'm not good about following their names, alas. I do think the writing is borderline, why don't they use the CCTV to catch people more often for example, but the acting is interesting enough to keep me coming back for now at least.

    1. I might just have a lower tolerance for gore. But no I wouldn't say it's torture porn. I haven't seen Spooks so I can't compare.

      I have noticed a few plot holes but for the most part I can ignore them, the acting is great.


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