How You Lost Me: The Queen of the Tearling

There was some stuff about The Queen of the Tearling that was weird but I was enjoying it until got to here and decided that it was enough.

Wise words from our 19 year old heroine Queen Kelsea.

"She was much older than she'd seemed in the dim light of the throne room, perhaps as old as forty..."

homer finger

"How could a woman so old still place so much importance on being attractive?" SO OLD! SO OLD! UNCLEAN!

Sorry I'll see myself out.


The "old lady" here is a jerk, but call her out on her jerkiness not her age. We all age, Kelsea, and there is nothing wrong wanting to look nice no matter how old you are. I dye my hair now. Should I just give up and wear a paper bag over my head?

The men around her though, 40-50, apparently they can all still get it. This is not even a YA novel, people. It’s supposed to have wide appeal, so cut it out with that nonsense. I really wanted to root for her too but…

cameron diaz
That's what I'm saying, Cameron, my 40+ sister.

I want a feminist hero but don’t be an ageist asshole.


  1. Oh Lord. That is ridiculous. Get a grip, narrator.

  2. I was following you on Twitter when you were ranting about this. oh brother.


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