Doing It: Mini-Bloggiesta


Since I’m on a mini blogging break, I’ll be doing a mini Mini-Bloggiesta this time around. It’s such a nice weekend that I can’t see me hanging around on the computer all day. I’d still like to do a couple of things though.

  • Back up my blog.
  • Update reviews page.
  • Write a couple of posts.
  • Check out a couple of the mini-challenges. I’d like to check out Storify and Thinklink (that last one looks pretty intense).
  • Make sure I’ve added all recent reviews to Pinterest, Google+, and Netgalley.

That’s all I have planned. I’ll see how things go over the weekend. Good luck to everyone participating!


  1. Enjoy your weekend! I am curious about Storify, too, although I didn't add it for this event.


  2. I'm having a low-key mini-Bloggiesta, too. We're also on tap for a glorious weekend.

    Joy's Book Blog

  3. Good luck!! I can't wait to try out the mini-challenges this time.

  4. I'll be checking out the mini challenges as well. I don't always do all of them, but it's always fun to see what is going on. Have fun!

  5. I don't usually have time to tackle the mini challenges. Our weather this weekend turned out not as great as predicted, which is good for Mini Bloggiesta, anyway!


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