Delphine by Richard Sala: Review

delphineAn unnamed protagonist searches for his college girlfriend, Delphine, in an evil little town, the town which she had returned to take care of her sick father. At every turn he is set upon by strange people and kept from his search. He comes upon witches, vicious dogs, a Blackbeardish character, an evil portrait, and gnomelike creatures living underground and in the trees, people who wish to do him harm. It’s a nightmare in which he can’t awake.

This is a weird graphic novel, so strange and surreal. The color of the illustrations are subdued. There is a gothic vibe to this book. This village has been warped by some malevolent force, the people are strangely deformed or decayed. They all carry some evil in them. The protagonist can trust no one.

Delphine is a mystery, the force that drives the plot. Who is Delphine? Why did she never return to school? Throughout the novel the reader learns a little bit about her past life, but not much. The protagonist remembers the things she says. He also has invented a number of reasons for her behaviour that are quite self-absorbed. I realize he’s a young man, but at times I thought he was a jerk. Finding Delphine- is it about her or him?

Delphine is Snow White from the “prince’s” point of view. He’s not the most princely of heroes, for sure. It is an interesting retelling and one I won’t soon forget.


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  1. The illustrations look gorgeous. Just added this to my list for the next time I go to the library!


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