The Book Report: Monstrous Affections

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A book has got smell. A new book smells great. An old book smells even better. –Ray Bradbury

New books, old books. Books never stop coming. What’s new to your house this week?

The Book Report discusses a book I received, whether it was bought, borrowed, or given, why I got it, or why I’m excited about reading it.

Monstrous Affections edited by Kelly Link and Gavin J Grant

 Where Did It Come From?

I won a prize during Armchair BEA. I chose this one. It was sent by Candlewick Press. 

Why did I want it?

I didn’t know anything about any of the prizes available. I thought “an anthology of beastly tales” sounded good, so I picked this one.

Describe the book within 140 characters.

A collection of stories about mythical beasts for the YA crowd.  

Pre-reading thoughts

Since I didn’t know anything about Monstrous Affections, I was surprised when I opened up my mail. First impressions: I LOVE the cover. The stories included are written by some of YA’s darlings: Patrick Ness, Holly Black, and Cassandra Clare. I was excited to see Nalo Hopkinson wrote a story for the book! Some of the titles are hilarious: Mothers, Lock Up Your Daughters Because They Are Terrifying. I want to see what that one is all about. This was an excellent surprise. I chose well!


  1. I probably would've chosen that one too and hey -- Holly Black. I had to look up Patrick Ness, but he did that A Monster Calls book, so there we go.

    1. I can't read A Monster Calls. I think it would be too upsetting but I hope to get a sense of his work through this.

  2. This one looks like so much fun! I ended up grabbing some picture books for Greyson with my Armchair BEA winnings, but I wish this one had still been available! :D

    1. I had no idea what anything was about! I even looked for something for my daughter but really didn't know what she would like.

  3. I am really curious what you think of this one! I love the cover and it looks like it has so much potential!


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