Media Madness Monday: Season Finale of Orphan Black, Waa!

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On the TV



That was a crazy ending. Project Castor? That’s going to lead to weird things. I was glad to see Sarah hug Mrs S. She knows more than she says but she loves Kira and Sarah. Marion surprised me. Just like Mrs S she has secrets. Yet another clone, though a much younger one. Rachel- right in the eye! Ouch! I can’t wait until Season 3.

I finished watching The Returned. The last episode, The Horde, was pretty strange. Are they zombies? I don’t know. I was impressed by how the show builds suspense, especially in that last scene. The problem with this show is that it was filmed in 2012 and they even haven’t even written season 2 yet! What?! Get it together France.


I’ve been listening to Lana Del Ray’s new album Ultraviolence. I like the moody, strangeness of it but I’m not a fan of some of her lyrics. Like, “He hit me and it felt like a kiss.” Not the kind of thing I’d want my eleven year old to hear. So many of her songs are about some dude treating her bad and how she waits for him to come back to her. She says weird things in interviews too. Maybe she’s trolling us all. It definitely gets her noticed.

When I look back on some of the music I listened to as I kid now, I think, “Wow, that was not appropriate.” I remember my parents being uptight about Material Girl. I had and still have no idea why they were so weird about it. Was it the vague references to prostitution? If it was, bless their hearts, they thought I was a much more sophisticated kid than I actually was. I thought she just really liked diamonds.


Some good episodes of my favorite podcasts this past 2 weeks.

Welcome to Nightvale aired its live recording of Oak Doors Part A, the first of a two parter. Lots of guests made an appearance, including Maureen Johnson.

The Dead Authors Podcast welcomed Oscar Wilde (Jon Daly) who did a lot of weird stuff in the 19th century, which was the style at the time.

Reading the End discussed Sleep Donation by Karen Russell, which prompted me to pick up her book of short stories Vampires in the Lemon Grove from the library.

I’m looking for some new shows to watch over the summer. Recommend anything good?


  1. I loved the season finale of Orphan Black, too. I may or may not have cried when Helena met the other clones and Kassima gave her a hug. Can't wait for S3!

  2. I've been letting myself fall behind on Orphan Black, just so I'll have something to watch in the upcoming months. I can't bear for it to be over! I love all the clones so much!


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