Media Madness Monday: Season Endings

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On the TV

So many shows are showing their season finales. What am I going to do all summer? Not only that, but a lot of shows were cancelled this week. It was brutal. Many I didn’t watch or I wasn’t that attached. I was disappointed by the cancellation of Community. It was just starting to get interesting again.

Anyway, The Mindy Project’s season finale brought Mindy and Danny together again. I wonder if it will last. She went through a lot of guys this season. Not judging, but it doesn’t seem very realistic for her to so easily fall into these relationships with these dudes. After awhile it just seemed like a Man Parade. I would like the focus to not be so much on the dating part of her life. Also, the British doctor was barely in it this season. I love Mindy but the supporting actors aren’t used enough.



I mentioned wanting to get Lykke Li’s new album, I Never Learn, which I bought this week. I’m enjoying it. She has a very unique sound that maybe not everyone will like. This album is quite maudlin. It’s about break ups and sadness, with songs titled Never Gonna Love Again and I Never Learn. It’s different from her last album, Wounded Rhymes which was peppier. I like it though. It’s great background music for blogging.




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