Media Madness Monday: The Revenge of Rosemary’s Baby

media madness monday

I'm a media junkie, not just books, but TV, movies, music, podcasts, and internet nonsense. Every Monday I discuss something that's caught my interest this past week. 

I'm just going to talk about TV today. I have a lot to say about 2 shows.  

Revenge Season Finale

Revenge-promo-season3I don’t know how many times this year I said I didn’t know why I kept watching this show. New characters would appear, and do things that didn’t advance the plot at all. It never went anywhere. And that amnesia thing, what was that? Finally, these past two weeks, it was worth watching again. It was as if the writers said to each other, “Oh yeah, this show is about revenge!” The Revenging! It happened! I’m going to talk about it!

Spoilers ahead.

Let’s get some of the lesser plotting away first. A new character, Margaux’s brother Gideon, was introduced. Gideon looks like the guy from Creed and has no accent at all, which he explains is because he didn’t go to school in France. Okay. Nolan welcomes him With Arms Wide Open and they plot against Daniel. Daniel wakes up in bed with a dead girl. “Nolan don’t play that way,” Nolan says to Gideon. “Now you do!” *Guitar solo*

Jake is being questioned by the police because Charlotte suddenly realized Jake did some of her kidnapping. She figures this out when he puts his hand on her shoulder. The girl can barely tie her shoes but somehow remembers the exact feel of her kidnappers hand.

Now on to the big players. Conrad is in jail after his confession last time but we all know rich dudes don’t stay in jail for long. He bribes a guard who gets him out. His freedom doesn’t last long, as he gets murdered like a dog in the street by David Clark! What???!!!!

Victoria is gunning for Emily because she blames Emily for her boyfriend’s death for some reason. I’m sure the logic is sound there. So Victoria takes a boyfriend for a boyfriend and kills Aidan in the most cracked out way possible. She poisons his tea, which paralyzes him and then suffocates him with a pillow! That’s cold. I’m surprised she didn’t send Emily his head in a box. Emily sets up their final showdown in the cemetery where it appears she is digging a grave. Emily cracks Victoria in the face with a shovel! Victoria wakes up tied to the bed in a metal hospital where, in some delicious irony, she’s being “cared for” by the same doctor she bribed to keep little Amanda quiet. The final scene is of Emily walking down the hospital corridor swinging a bad ass cape over her shoulders like a BOSS while Victoria screams, “She’s Amanda Clark!!!”

revenge gif

Finally, REVENGE! Alexandre Dumas would be proud. Now what will happen next year? The show was renewed. A father-daughter reunion? Will Nolan get out of Gideon machinations while still looking dapper? Will Daniel continue to forget he was madly in love with that Sarah girl? Will Margaux continue to wear the cutest clothes ever?

Rosemary’s Baby

rosemary's baby miniNBC decided to air their mini-series of Ira Levin’s novel on Mother’s Day. I’m not sure what they’re trying to tell us. At first I was confused by the change in location. Is Paris just more exotic than NYC? After seeing the movie, I understand. In Paris, American Rosemary can’t work. How would a modern adaptation explain Rosemary’s lack of a life outside Guy? By placing them in Paris, Rosemary’s isolation is explainable.

Guy is a professor and wannabe author, instead of an actor. The couple moves into The Chimere, a fancy apartment building and their super friendly neighbours are an older, sexy couple, the Castevets.

Zoe Saldana did a fabulous job as Rosemary. Her husband Guy, played by Patrick J Adams, is always douchey. He does rent out his wife’s uterus to the devil, so he’s never a nice person. Margaux Castevet (Carole Bouquet) is scary! She sort of bullies Rosemary, but in a subtle way. I found her terrifying. Jason Isaacs played Roman Castevet and whoa he is a sexy silver fox. I also liked Rosemary’s cute little friend, Julie. Poor Julie.

The mini-series is très sexy. It’s also slower than the 1968 movie. They had 4 hours to fill, though a lot of that are commercials. And gory. I was surprised how graphic it was for network TV. Everyone who dies does so in horrible ways and nothing is offstage. But that baby, that is the cutest demon baby ever.

Did you watch either of these events? What did you think?

Sources: ABC, NBC, Popsugar


  1. Hahahaha, I haven't watched Revenge in ages and I still find that gif extremely satisfying. I fell out on the show after half a season because there wasn't enough revenge-getting! I liked it the best in the early episodes when it was (some critic called it this, I forget who) a revenge procedural. I'd have watched at least two full seasons of Emily getting sweet revenge on somebody each episode. & then becoming a revenge consultant once all her personal enemies had been revenged on. I would watch that show forever.


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