Media Madness Monday: Paris et Monsieur Petit Jeans

 May 5 Collage

I'm a media junkie, not just books, but TV, movies, music, podcasts, and internet nonsense. Every Monday I discuss something that's caught my interest this past week.

On the TV

Did you watch the season finale of Parks and Recreation? I was sorta confused because it seemed like The Finale. I guess they’ll have new shenanigans for Leslie to deal with next year. At least she won’t have city councillor Jam bothering her anymore. Maybe.


This week I downloaded the album Pocketknife by Mr Little Jeans. Mr Little Jeans is not a Mister. She is actually Monica Birkenes, a young Norwegian singer. I first heard her cover of The Suburbs last year and loved it. You might have heard her songs, Runaway and Rescue Song, on TV as background music for ads and shows. One of my favorites on this album is Oh Sailor, which features a children’s choir. I don’t think there is a song on this album I don’t like. Here’s the video for Good Mistake.

Mr. Little Jeans "Good Mistake" from Ian & Cooper on Vimeo.


Big Screen

I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus so when I read about a short film she made called Picture Paris, I knew I’d need to watch it. In Picture Paris, Ellen dreams of Paris. Planning her and her husband’s trip to Paris distracts her from her youngest child leaving for college. Unfortunately, her husband has other plans. I loved the Paris setting, although Ellen doesn’t find it to be all that she hoped. For most of the film, I believed I was watching an Eat, Pray, Love kind of movie, until the twist…

Picture Paris is available on itunes.

On the Web

The Strange Company is a t-shirt and poster creator company from Vancouver, BC. They have a very interesting idea for t-shirts featuring authors, philosophers, and scientists. It is nerdtopia! Back their Kickstarter for as little as $1. Pledge $39 and get a t-shirt. And check out their gifs! I’m a little in love with the Mary Shelley one.

mary shelley


  1. Those are excellent gifs! I like them a lot.

  2. Replies
    1. I know! I've never supported a Kickstarter before, but I'm thinking of doing it for this one.


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