Media Madness Monday: Mindy’s Back!

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I'm a media junkie, not just books, but TV, movies, music, podcasts, and internet nonsense. Every Monday I discuss something that's caught my interest this past week.

On the TV

Mindy’s Back! Yipee! I love Mindy Kaling as the perfectly imperfect Dr Mindy Lahari on The Mindy Project. With Mindy’s return to NYC, she ends up dealing with the consequences of her kiss with Dr Danny. Not sure where this is going to go. What is worse, waiting for a couple to get together or having them get together too early? The latter happened to Jess and Nick on New Girl and they’re already broken up.



I’ve only been downloading old music lately. This week I bought some old Garbage tunes and Pop Song 89 by REM (featured on Parks and Recreation this week). It still the ‘90s in my head.


As I was perusing the itunes page, I saw that Sarah McLachlan will have a new album out, Shine On (May 6, 2014). Hide your dogs!


Welcome to Nightvale, Episode: Cookies, begins with an update on the health of Khoshekh after last episode’s events. Poor Cecile is becoming more and more subversive, and hostile toward Management. It also featured an appearance by Intern Dana. Did you know she is voiced by Jasika Nicole, aka Astrid from Fringe?! I did not know until right now! I look forward to hearing more about her and The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home and John Peters (you know, the farmer?).


On the Web

One of my favorite websites is My Modern Met, a website highlighting some of the most creative art and photography projects around the Internet. I don’t have much opportunity to see art in person where I live, so I appreciate what My Modern Met does. It makes it accessible to everyone. Every week there are interesting posts, like this week: an Icelandic ice cave proposal, Underground Iran, and my favorite Vivian Maier. Vivian was a secret artist, a street photographer, who took furtive photos of the world around her. Her photography was recently discovered by accident and it is amazing!

Any thoughts on TV shows, movies, etc, you want to share?


  1. Could it be a Ross and Rachel situation where they end up getting back together ten billion times? I watch a few shows where the main characters are likely to get together but NEVER do and this is so frustrating to me (especially when in the case of NCIS the female lead leaves the show). But yes, once they're together then what's the point? Scott and I debated this everytime we watched the show. :)

    1. I wonder if that's where they'll go with it. I suppose it depends on how many seasons they get. It definitely gives the viewers a reason to watch if they keep the characters apart.

  2. I was lucky enough to see an exhibit of Vivian Maier's work locally this winter. Amazing work.

  3. The mindblowingest voice acting thing to me about Welcome to Night Vale is that Mara Wilson voices the Faceless Old Lady Who Secretly Lives in Your Home. Little Mara Wilson of Matilda and The Miracle on 34th Street! Now all grown up.

    1. I know! It's crazy, I feel so old. Also, Alexis from Castle was the voice of the computer a couple of episodes back. That surprised me too.

  4. I watched Frozen. I feel like I'm the only person in the world who hated it.

    1. I haven't seen it yet. I'm scared to because people seem to love it so much. Maybe there's just too much hype and expectations are too high.


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