Lazy Sunday Thoughts Are Bustlin’

What’s up, Buttercups?

I survived The Storm of the Century (that’s what I’m calling it). We had 2 days of freezing rain and then a ton of snow dropped on us. Everyone is slightly cranky about it. There’s a town that was without power for most of the week. Luckily, I didn’t lose power, though I expected it. The roads are still a mess, and no sidewalks have been plowed. Driving is an adventure on the back streets. We just weren’t prepared for a storm this late. It’s warming up now though, so hopefully the snow won’t last long. It’s been the worst winter that I can remember.

april snow

In happier news, I finished 3 books this week! Dare I say it? I’m out of the reading slump! It’s been so long since I actually cared about reading. I felt so blah about it for a long time. I also want to blog again. I even have ideas for posts! Because of Bloggiesta, I have a few new features I’m trying out. You might have seen the first one The Book Report (in my head Report sounds like how Stephen Colbert says it). I have a couple of other ones I’m trying out next week. I hope you check them out.

Have you seen this proposed statue of Edgar Allan Poe? What a bad ass mofo! Look at him strutting down the street with the wind blowing his coat and hair back. And that raven. It looks like something from Harry Potter. Good work Stefanie Rocknak! What other writers could be immortalized in this way? I can’t think of one with such a recognizable symbol like the raven. Can you?

Tomorrow I’ll have another new feature up. Have a great Sunday!


  1. Wow, that does sound like an awful storm. We had sandal weather last week but it's cooled off a little.

  2. I can't think of another author who has an avatar like Poe's raven! Surely there must be at least one other author with a similar situation?

    1. I came up empty when I tried to think of another.

  3. I posted a video on Facebook of a a time lapse video someone did of the storm. It was kind of crazy! It was in Hall's Harbour and it shows the water freeze and then the tide come in and break the ice up. If next winter is anything like this one, I am moving to Florida.


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