Kobo Chat: Noodles and Dumas

What’s new on your Kobo or other ebook device? First, let’s take a look at the electronic reading I’ve been up to lately. I’ll talk about what I’ve finished, what I’ve downloaded (bought or borrowed), and how that’s working out for me. Grab a coffee and let’s chat!


I finished Claire Messud’s The Woman Upstairs and wrote a review you can read here.


New to the Kobo

  • Bought: One of the daily deals last week was The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro ($1.99). Not my usual type of book but it sounds interesting. Kobo had a big Easter weekend sale. There were lots of popular books on sale. I ended up buying a biography of Alexandre Dumas titled The King of Romance by F.W.L. Hemmings and Another Part of the Wood by Denis Mackail (not best sellers). I used a promo code too and only spent $3.44.
  • Borrowed from library: The Golem and the Jinni became available. I’m reading that now.



Let’s Talk

The Golem and the Jinni is pretty good but it’s very long. I feel like I’ve been reading it forever and I’m only at 52%. I hope some things start to happen soon. The King of Romance and Another Part of the Wood are both from Bloomsbury and previously published in the 20th century. I hadn’t heard of either. Another Part of the Wood includes characters named Noodles and Snubs. How can that not be entertaining? I’m looking forward to the biography of Dumas because I’m his biggest fan.

How about you? Are you reading anything interesting on your device? Find any good deals? Tell me about it!


  1. I got THE ENCHANTED from the sale. I tried not to look too further... Maybe I got that the last sale.. It was recently!

  2. Mm, you will wait in vain for something to start happening in The Golem and the Jinni. I felt like I was perpetually at 52% with that book.

    I'm trying so hard to cut back on buying ebooks! I need to read the books I have already on my ereader, not buy a bunch more -- but it's harrrrrd. The sales are so good.

  3. This is a great feature. And I love that it is KOBO based and not kindle!


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