Blizzarding Bloggiesta: Update (Sunday)


It’s a nasty day here. The wind is howling as we’re experiencing a “winter hurricane,” which gave us snow and rain yesterday, and crazy winds today. The weather gives me a good excuse to stay in and work on my Bloggiesta list, as long as I have power. (Update: Today, Friday, it’s sunny and no wind! Plus, we didn’t lose power.)

My list includes a lot of the same old stuff I usually do.

  • Write 2 book reviews
  • Update my reviews page
  • Clean out my email
  • Backup my blog
  • Blog maintenance (fixing sidebars, etc)
  • Brainstorm some new ideas Edit: Working on it
  • Update my About Me page
  • Add reviews to other blogs (audio jukebox) Edit: turns out I had none.
  • Participate in one Twitter chat
  • Try to do a mini-challenge from each category

I’ve really just gotten a surge of blogger energy, so I’m hoping it will continue and I can keep Chrisbookarama going. I know it’s been a ghost town around here lately.

And just FYI, I wrote a review for Lady Into Fox on Project Gutenberg Project yesterday. I’d love some comments on it. Thanks!

I’ll be updating this page throughout the weekend. Hope you join us and have fun!

Mini-Challenge: Using Pic Monkey

Vacation Reading

Mini-Challenge: How to Tackle Google+

I’ve had a Google+ account for awhile, but haven’t done much to utilize it. Amanda provides a tutorial on how to use it. I joined 2 communities: Bloggiesta and Book Bloggers Do It Better. Check them out.

The only thing about Google+ that I don’t much care for is how it tries to have you link everything together or use your real name. I actually like privacy. Shocking! I like to keep my blogging life separate from my regular life, so I find I have to be extra careful with privacy settings and unchecking things that I don’t want checked. Just a warning to anyone else who feels this way.

You can find my Google+ profile here.

Mini-Challenge: Evernote

Tif created a mini-challenge for Evernote. I downloaded both the Evernote Touch app for Windows 8 and Evernote for Windows. I’m not sure which one I want to use yet, so I have both. I also downloaded the Web Clipper, and have the app on my iphone. They all synch up, so no matter what I use I’ll be able to access the information.

I created 3 new notebooks and added notes to each.

Evernote notebooks

So far that’s all I’ve done.

As for what I already use, I like Pocket which I have connected to my Flipboard account on my ipod. Anytime I read an interesting story I’d like to use for blogging later I’d “Save to Pocket.” I used this a lot for bookish links. It’s a great tool. You can sign in on your PC too. There is a Chrome Extension that you can click when you find something interesting while surfing the web to save it to your account.I highly recommend it.

Mini-Challenge Net Galley

Lettie asked participants to go through their Net Galley approvals to improve their feedback rating. I took a look at mine and can’t do anything else with it. I have an 81% approval rating at this time.


  1. I hear you on the power... It was crazy windy here overnight and I was a bit worried. We still have to find our cars, but I am putting it off as long as possible!

  2. Good luck with your list, Chris!!! Wishing I was Bloggiesta'ing (that can be a verb, right?) right now.

  3. I hope you keep power so you can get even more done!

  4. I see rounded corners and a background and an overlay and text! Looks like you used all the tips and did a great job!

  5. Nasty weather is perfect for Bloggiesta!

  6. I like what you made in PicMonkey. I can't wait to get to that challenge. I have used PicMonkey a little but i know there is a lot i could learn. Good luck with Bloggiesta. Miserable weather certainly helps. I keep getting pulled outside to the garden.

  7. I really mean to put together a to-do list but didn't get around to it. Next week is spring break so I could get a few things done but what I really want to do is read a bunch of books.

  8. A winter hurricane?!?!? That sounds miserable. I think I might Bloggiesta tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure there are things I could get done!

  9. Yay!! You are doing great this weekend!! I really need to check out this Pocket that everyone is talking about. I think I already use Evernote in a similar manner, but I want to make sure I'm not missing out on something awesome!


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