The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion: Review

rosie projectThe Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion is one of those books that keeps popping up in the blogisphere. It sounded cute and has good reviews so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Don Tillman is a genetics professor with a very regimented lifestyle. He’s also socially awkward. He knows this about himself and doesn’t see it as an impediment, except when it comes to dating. He’s an attractive man and women seem to throw themselves at him (though most times he misses the signals) but he never gets a second date. He either says or does something to turn the lady off.

Don decides that the best way to find a wife is through science. He creates a questionnaire for his potential spouse which he calls the Wife Project. He believes the Wife Project will weed out anyone unsuitable and find him the perfect mate. When Rosie shows up at his door, he thinks she’s shown up for the Wife Project and discounts her as a contender right away. She’s all wrong. She has too many bad habits. Still, he’s drawn to her and decides to use his skills as a geneticist to help her find her biological father.

I don’t know anything about Autism and I have no idea if the author does or not. I read a few reviews that complained that it was unrealistic for an Autistic person. But, whatever, this is romance and anything is possible in romance. Don knows he lives outside the acceptable ‘social norms’ and doesn’t really care that much about it. What he wants is a person who can fit into his schedule without annoying him. He is a caring person, once you get past all his quirks, as the people who take the time to get to know him find out. Since the book is told from his point of view, the reader sympathizes with him through every awkward encounter. Luckily, most of these situations are humorous.

Rosie has all kinds of issues. Some of which I thought were non-issues. She has high expectations herself. Problems with her “father” (she uses quotes) are not all his fault. She’s a difficult person. I didn’t always like her. 

In romance, the two potential lovers have to change in order to become a couple. Don has to see that no one is perfect and Rosie needs to accept people as they are. The fun of The Rosie Project is watching them get there.

I thought The Rosie Project was a cute, quick read. I read it in a day. It’s a little bit different, in a good way.


  1. I adored this one but mainly because Don reminded me so much of Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. I also love science to the point of nerdiness so I enjoyed that aspect of it too.

  2. Everyone's loving this book. I need to pick it up!

  3. I keep thinking this is not for me, but I keep seeing really good reviews. I'll probably give it a go. :)

  4. I was thinking this wasn't for me, but I gave into temptation. One day I will then read it.

  5. I heard about a woman who actually did that--made a list of all the things she required in a husband. It was like 100 pages long and she gave each item a weighted score.

  6. I really liked this book. It was my go-to Christmas present. In spite of its problems it will make you laugh and feel good.

  7. So excited to read this one! I'm glad you liked it!


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