Lazy Sunday Thoughts Are Fluffy

snow tree

Hello, Snow Bunnies! Last night we had one of those magical moments where you go to bed like usual and wake up to a marshmallow world. It wasn’t a storm, there was no wind, the snow just fell gently and snuck away in the morning. It was a thick blanketing, pretty but heavy to shovel. We had no snow on the ground after heavy rain this week. I actually ran outdoors on Friday. It was nice. Guess that shows me!

I had to show you all my hat that I made. I couldn’t get a good angle but here it is from the top anyway. This is a super easy pattern. It takes no time to make. If you crochet, the pattern for this slouchy hat is here. I think I might make a couple more while watching TV.

Slouch Hat

I’m trying to read Possession by A.S. Byatt but it’s hard going. So much academic stuff and loads of poems and letters. I’m sure most of it is going right over my head.

Not that I believe in this stuff, but my horoscope had me feeling pretty good today. 


Sounds like I have an exciting year ahead of me. I am planning a romantic escapade so it’s accurate in that regard. My husband gave the side eye to the “love affairs” part. Ah well, the fault is in my stars!


  1. The hat is adorable and I love the color too.
    Possession almost killed me when my club picked it. It was a DNF for me.

  2. I love the hat! I wish I was talented enough to make one.

  3. I officially chucked Possession. I really like her writing style but the fictional academic studies just left me cold. I'll read more of her stuff, but this one just wasn't for me.

  4. I tried listening to Possession on audio a couple years ago, because it shows up on EVERY: single list of "books you must read." I gave up after a few discs - it just dragged and dragged.

  5. I DNF'd Possession, too. I have no idea how people find the patience for books like that.

  6. What a beautiful hat! Well done you -- I am in no way capable of making such a thing. Is it toasty toasty warm?

    I loved Possession the first time I read it, but when I reread, I was bored to death. Still not sure what I saw in it the first time.

  7. I just asked my mother if she could make me one of those hats, but since she leaves for Florida in a week for 2 months I doubt it. :( She tried to teach me that stuff when I was younger, but it was hopeless.

  8. Very cute hat --perfect for your "surprise weather".


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