The Shining Readalong: Check In #2

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Tell us your thoughts on Chapters 17-33.  Can you feel the tension rising as we progress through the story?  Any quotes or sections that stand out for you?

I’m going to be spoilery here so avert your eyes if you haven’t read The Shining before.

Things are starting to get weird up in here. Jack has flipped his lid and determined to keep them all trapped in the Overlook, Danny is still seeing dead people who are trying to kill him, and Wendy is all “what the hell is happening?” Tension, yes, we have tension. It’s building and the shit is going to hit the fan soon.

Danny: Danny confronts Room 217 and the results are horrifying. Stephen King can really paint a disturbing picture. Danny discovers that the things in the hotel can hurt him. The hotel wants him for some reason.

Jack: Why does the hotel have such an affect on him? Is his alcoholism a weak point that the hotel can exploit? Is he really deep down a terrible person who hates his wife? I can’t figure him out. Sometimes I hate that guy.

Wendy: She’s the least affected by the Overlook. She knows that Jack and Danny aren’t themselves but doesn’t know why. She also believes that Danny isn’t just a smart kid. She knows he can read people. Sometimes I think Wendy is weak and then she has these Mama Bear moments. She needs to stay strong.

The Overlook: What is the deal with this place? Is it an entrance to hell or what? So, a few people died there, so what? Why all the evil, Overlook? The Overlook wants to kill them, but why? And why does the hotel seem most active in the winter when hardly anyone is there? I want answers!

I have so many questions!


  1. Wendy is definitely the character I feel least sure of, maybe because she feels so unsure of herself. I like when she finally tries to take charge a bit, even something as simple as talking to Danny about what he knows about his dad... she doesn't understand how he knows the things he does, but she knows that he knows them, and it's finally time to use that to their advantage instead of hiding from it.

  2. I have bad news ... I have no answers for you!! :(

    I think Jack tries to put on a front of being a nice guy, but I really think deep down he is not. I don't know. I just don't like him at all. I never have, even on my first reading.

    Danny, on the other hand, I adore! He totally plays on my heart strings on so many levels. With all that is going on, I cannot wait to see where he goes in Doctor Sleep. We finally get to see if he is totally screwed up from the Overlook or if he has been able to adapt.

    I have the same feelings as you. Most of the time, I want to yell at her. And, other times, I am cheering her on. It has only gotten like this more as I continue through the story (and I'm almost done at this point)!

    As for the Overlook ... I have to wonder if it is messed up like this all year round, but when it is in the height of the season, it just is not as noticeable with all the live people walking around. Afterall, Halloran said that he saw things (and he was not the only one) while he was working there.

    Things have definitely picked and I can't wait to finish this book! I am liking it even more on this second time around!

  3. Sounds like you're enjoying the book and still having a lot of questions, which is good - keeps you reading and wanting to know more and more. I'm assuming this is the first time you're reading it? I first read it in Junior High, and finally re-read last year (about time!)


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