The Shining Read-a-long: Q & A

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It’s a windy, dark day here. A perfect day for reading The Shining by Stephen King. I’m reading the book for The Shining Read-a-long. For my first post, I’m answering the questions posed by the hosts Tif and Charleen. If you want to join in, follow this link.

Will this be a re-read or a first-time read for you?

This is a reread for me, though the first time I read it, I was a teenager. It’s been interesting so far. I’m a much different reader now.

Have you seen the movie(s)?

Yes, both. I remember Kubrick’s more, maybe because it’s been on TV many, many times or because it’s so iconic: the first scene of the car driving up the mountain, the elevator, the creepy twins. The mini-series was good too (and more faithful to the book) but Jack Nicholson makes a convincing nutjob.

What are your thoughts from previous reads/watches?  (Or, if you haven't read or watched any of the above, what do you anticipate for your first experience with The Shining?)

I remember being shocked by what an son-of-a-bitch Jack was, right from the beginning. I also didn’t understand why Wendy didn’t say no to staying at The Overlook. Now, as an adult, I understand their motivations and failings better.

And finally, why are you joining in on the #shinealong?  Is there anything specific you would like to get out of the read-along?

After reading Joyland, I wanted to get back to classic Stephen King storytelling. The Shining was one of my favorites. When I heard about the readalong, I thought it was perfect timing!

I’m nearly caught up with this week’s reading and will have a hard time stopping myself from reading on!


  1. Once you hit a certain point in the story, it is sooooo hard to stop! I had to literally hide my book on Saturday to stop reading. I didn't want to read ahead and give spoilers accidentally for those that are on their first read!

    I agree with you about the movie vs TV versions. I liked the latter because it stuck closer to the book, but Nicholson did such a great job acting!

  2. Looks fun. I would participate but I already re-read it last year and it's too fresh in my memory still


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