The Shining Read-along: Check In #1

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What are your thoughts of The Shining thus far?  Any thoughts on the characters, the writing, foreshadowing, or something we have not yet covered? (Tif Talks Books)

The story starts off  very slowly. It’s mostly backstory: the Torrance’s family life, their issues, Jack’s drinking and violent tendencies, Danny’s abilities. Still, it doesn’t drag. And as Tif noticed, there is a lot of foreshadowing. We know bad stuff is going to happen, we just don’t know what or who is going to come out of it unhurt. Tony, Danny’s invisible friend, shows him the future, which isn’t good, but Danny also knows that not everything Tony shows him comes true. So the reader has hope. If we thought everyone was going to die, why keep reading?!

Jack is a complicated man and no one understands him but his woman (Wendy). But does she? Jack keeps a lot from Wendy. As for Wendy, other than Jack and Danny, she has no one. Her mother is the devil, and her loving father dead. I can see why Wendy doesn’t leave Jack. She’s educated but can’t just run out and get a job. She hasn’t worked, ever, so what can she do? Jack messed up real good at his last job and has the weight of supporting them all on his shoulders. They’re between a rock and a hard place. The Overlook job is their only hope.

The Shining. Danny learns that he’s not the only one who has this special ability of being able to read people. Mr Hallorann tells Danny about the Shining, this talent, that he has too. Danny’s shining is strong and this worries Mr Hallorann, since he’s seen things himself at the hotel, but he says these things can’t hurt him. There is quite a bit of foreshadowing in that conversation about the hedge animals and room 217.

The Overlook. The Overlook is introduced as a character. It’s malevolence is only hinted at. The Presidential “Sweet” shows Danny a horrifying image in the bathroom and the wasps make a reappearance in Danny’s bedroom. These events are a taste of things to come. The wasps are a metaphor for what’s hidden: Jack’s temper, the hotel’s past. What we think is gone will come back.

I’m loving this reading of The Shining so far. I’m almost caught up again and can’t wait for next week’s discussion. So much to talk about!


  1. I love that you have included The Overlook as a character. It really is fitting and I didn't quite make that connection until you mentioned it. I am loving all the symbolism, including the wasp nest.

    I cannot wait to chat this week about this next section. I am just trying to gather my thoughts and figure out (narrow down) what I want to write about this time around!!

    1. I'll write about this week's section soon. I'm loving this story again.

  2. The Minnesota Opera just commissioned this as an original opera for its 2016 season. I think it's a great choice for an opera.

  3. I participated in the last go round and realized that I like the movie so much more than the book. A rarity, indeed. I can't wait for Doctor Sleep though!

    1. Oh really? I'm going to have to watch the movie again and compare. Doctor Sleep should be interesting!


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