Lazy Sunday Thoughts: A Gotta Week

It’s been a ‘gotta week,’ as in, I gotta do this and I gotta do that. First, I started back to work and had a slight schedule change. So, I hadda (gotta) get used to that. Then there were appointments, minor dilemmas, etc. Then the weekend, when I gotta clean this dirty floor and get some stuff done in the house. I think I’m caught up now.

I also hadda get some strawberries since it’s the end of the season and I need my freezer jam fix. I wasn’t picking them this year, so instead bought a flat.


It’s a helluva lot of strawberries. I’ve made 3 batches of jam and still have lots left. We’ll be having strawberries in everything!

It wasn’t all gotta this weekend. Hubs and I found some new patio furniture. I took a nice little nap on it Saturday after supper. Plus, we found time for a swim. Sometimes you gotta take it easy too.

Since I think I’m caught up after the big vacation, I hope to have time for Joyland by Stephen King. So far it’s pretty low key.

Not so low key was having a tornado warning Saturday night! I know many of you have those all the time, but that is not normal for here. When I heard about it, I just wandered around my house wondering, “So what do we do?” Hurricanes and blizzards I can wrap my head around but tornados, no. Anyway it ended without any problems.



  1. Weather has been scary crazy lately, hasn't it?

  2. I love the term "gotta week." It seems I've had too many of those lately. The strawberries look yummy!

  3. Oh wow. I can imagine if you're not used to tornado watches, that could be quite distressing! Glad your weekend wasn't all running around and you got to relax a bit. :)

  4. And I want to "motor boat" those strawberries. Yeah, I said it.

  5. We had a tornado warning too! My kids were almost frantic...we had some storms, and possibly a funnel cloud formed, though I didn't hear if it was confirmed or not. It's been calm since, thankfully, except for one storm Wed evening. We don't often get them here in Ottawa, either. Glad you, and us, are safe!

    New patio set- that's been on our to-do list for a year now. And always make time for naps and swims, I am learning. Summertime is for that!


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