Lazy Sunday Thoughts Are Friday Bookish

Hello! I skipped the Friday Bookish Buzz because I’ve been busy getting ready for my vacation! So there will be radio silence for some time. I will be back though and hopefully have some books read. Maybe this one? 


I picked up Joyland while I was shopping for a birthday present for someone else. You know how that happens. I figure it would give the birthday person such joy to know I got that special something for myself while thinking of them. Am I right?

Since I skipped Friday’s post here are a couple of links:

*It’s Canada Day tomorrow! Celebrate by reading a couple of Canadian books. (I’m not fond of NS’s book.)

*Jane Austen is money, yo!

*Like smelly old books? Here’s why.

*Biblio-mat! Kind of like those machines we loved as kids that gave you a surprise for a quarter. I would love this!

*Richard Matheson died. I Am Legend is a story you should read if you haven’t already.

*Just a reminder: Google Reader is shutting down tomorrow. Don’t forget about meeeeeeeee!

Have a great Canada Day, Independence Day, Ramadan, Bastille Day (I should be back by then, I hope)!


  1. I was sad to see that Richard Matheson had passed away. I loved I Am Legend. And enjoy Joyland! I love the pulpy look of the cover, but the premise doesn't do a whole lot for me.

  2. Have a great vacation1

  3. I just wrote up my review of Joyland. It will post tomorrow. I enjoyed it.

  4. I am always sad when authors die. I thought I Am Legend was so good!

  5. I've wanted to read Joyland but wasn't too impressed by his other hard case crime. Heard mixed reviews. Hope you enjoy it. Great post, reading the article on old book smell now

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