It’s a Wrap! Armchair BEA


So…Armchair BEA was a lot different for me this year. My Real Life, or I should say non-virtual life, has been pretty busy. I’ve been helping out behind the scenes of Armchair BEA too, while still trying to post on the topics (if I had something to say) and visit bloggers who’ve been visiting me. I haven’t been able to do much visiting on my own. I do want to say

Thank you to all who have come over to comment!

I've tried to visit you back. I hope I did!  

It’s been a blur. What did I even post about? Who knows?!!! Now it’s time to get back to normal. I should read something. Probably. But we have Netflix now because I wanted to watch the latest season of Arrested Development, so…. see you next month!

Now for no reason at all here are the Beastie Boys.


  1. The Armchair BEA team rocks my socks. Thank you all for a GREAT week! It's been a blast and given me some renewed bloggy mojo. And that's saying a lot after almost a decade. Woot!

  2. It sounds like Armchair BEA was a huge success!

  3. Thanks so much, ABEA was FAB! You deserve to veg out in front of Arrested Development for a few days. Weeks? ;)

  4. I am still working through Armchair BEA posts!!!


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