Lazy Sunday Thoughts Are Trying to Blog

Ok, so I’ve gotten off my schedule. And I might as well forget it for next week since it’s Armchair Bea! I should be working on my posts for that. But first…

I bought some books at the library sale. I found a few interesting things. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Cakes and Ale, The Moon and a Sixpence, and The Glass Castle


I want to ask Penguin what it was thinking in the 1970s. Both covers for the W Somerset Maugham books are icky. One is p0rny and the other super-racist. Seriously, Penguin. I can’t read these in public.

This also arrived in the mail.


It was a good book week!

Some grammar humour for you. The Lonely Island discusses semi-colons. Yes, I know, I know, but wait until the end. It’s worth it. (Oh yeah, and swears.)



  1. Enjoy your new books and Armchair BEA!

  2. I love that video... hahaha! Lonely Island is so fun!!!


  3. Semicolons do light my way in dark. lol

  4. I'd like to know what EVERYONE was thinking in the 70's ;)

  5. Eek, yes, that would be awkward in public.

  6. You made me snort at work with your "p0rny" comment. OMG. lol


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