Changes. The Only Thing David Bowie and I Have In Common - I just had a near-work experience.

I’m a working lady now. I have to be out of the house before everyone else, after many years of me sending them all on their way. It’s not an easy adjustment. My body is all, “Wtf?” Saturday I was wide awake at 5:30 am and fell asleep at 10pm. On a Saturday. I have to record my shows and reading is nearly impossible. Will this last forever? I hope not.

So, the only book I managed to finish was True Deceiver by Tove Jansson. It was a thinker, so my opinion about it is all over the place. I should have read Dan Brown’s new one instead. My brain is broke.

I did manage to watch my TV shows though.

  • Revenge’s season finale was actually interesting. I have hope for Season 3. I’m like a sad girl with a bad boyfriend. I keep believing it will change if I just stick around long enough. C’mon, Revenge, don’t do me wrong!
  • The Elementary finale was wack! Seriously, what is happening there? Moriarty. What?! I still love Watson though. I have thoughts I will share at a later date. She is my fashion guru. She rocks a pair of 4 inch heels.
  • ABC released the last 8 episodes of Don’t Trust the B- In Apt 23 on iTunes. Since it would cost me $$$, I only downloaded the last episode (cheapcheap). I did not like where it went. At. All. So now I don’t care about it anymore. Boo.



Hey, have you signed up for Armchair BEA? It’s coming soon. May 28-June 2. You better get on that!

I better go. I have to freeze my butt off at a BBQ!


  1. Hopefully you'll adjust to your new schedule soon.

  2. Sounds busy - and a bit stressful! Hopefully you'll settle in quickly.

    I loved the Elementary finale - even though I figured it where it was going early on. And I agree, I love the way Watson dresses!

    1. I didn't quite clue in. I'm the perfect person for mysteries because I never guess anything right!

  3. I have signed up for Armchair BEA and have no idea what to expect!!!
    I am so excited for you that you are working!!


  4. 5:30??? That's inhumane.

    I love Watson's fashion, too, although I'd never wear 4-inch heels. Irene looked like a low-rent Scarlet Johannson.

    1. Haha! I didn't like the fake hair. She was better as Anne Boleyn.

  5. So sorry you haven't had much time to read. I hope your sleep patterns get back to normal. That would suck to wake up that early on the weekends.

    I so agree with you on Revenge. I'm only halfway through the season since it airs late here in the UK, but I keep watching it in hopes that it will get better. So far it's so convoluted. I'm hoping for a better season 3, too.

  6. I hope you're able to adjust to your new schedule soon. It's not easy! I'm all signed up for Armchair BEA, woot!

  7. I bet that is a huuuuge adjustment! It'll get better, but I hope it doesn't take too long. :) Thanks for the reminder. Just signed up for BEA.

  8. The funny thing is . . . I am going through the exact opposite adjustment of being done with my job and I'm still not getting any reading done!! How does that work?!?


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