The Reluctant Detective by Finley Martin: Review

ReluctantAnne Brown finds herself the owner of Darby Investigations and Security after her beloved Uncle Billy dies and leaves the company to her. The Prince Edward Island agency is not exactly a booming business and Anne is half thinking of moving on when two cases fall in her lap. Neither seems difficult and one appears to be easy money. She has a little experience in the investigative field, so why not? A single mom with a teenaged daughter isn’t about to let an opportunity like this slide by. God laughs when humans make plans and the easy money case gets complicated. Anne ends up neck deep in trouble, putting herself, her family and friends in danger with local thugs and international villains.

After a bit of a clunky start, I ended up thoroughly entertained by The Reluctant Detective by Finley Martin. Anne is quick on her feet and level headed, even when she’s shaking in her boots. There is some info-dumping about the characters at the beginning, which always bothers me. This isn’t an elegant way to introduce new people into a story but it was quick so I got over my irritation.  By the time things get rolling, I was hooked by the action and didn’t want to put it down. As in most mystery novels, I often wondered why Anne was doing the things she did, but I just went with it. The ending is a nail biter and I was glad I held on during the bumpy beginning.

I loved the setting of Prince Edward Island. Not exactly the hotbed of criminal activity, so a detective agency on the island is unexpected. I enjoyed what Finley Martin did with it. I look forward to what this other Island Anne gets up to, that is if the author writes another.


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  1. I love stories that have investigations by those not trained at all, it often provides such an interesting new perspective, even if the choices don't always make sense. If the info-dumping wasn't long, that's not bad at all.

  2. I've seen this somewhere - maybe at our local Chapters? and wondered about it. Thanks for posting about it, Chris! I will be checking to see if my library has it. A detective agency on PEI! I love it....


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