Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Stuff

What is up, Readers? I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve actually said anything on the blog. My mind is a blank. Ever have that feeling? What do I write if I have nothing to say? It’s boring. I bore myself these days.

The weather (always a reliable Canadian topic) is improving and I’ve been running outside. Yay! I hate the treadmill like a mo-fo. Hate. It. Still I do it because I have to; it’s just one of those things. Getting outside makes running fun(?) again. At least it’s a change, even though the wind is all, “Hahaha! I’m putting a stop to this!” Wind is not my friend. A nice thing about outdoor running again was when hubs said to me today, “You smell like the ocean.” A lot nicer than, “ew, stinky.”

Maybe I can get back to taking photos outdoors too. This week marked the beginning of April Estellagram. Here are the pics I took so far.


Top to Bottom, left to right

  1. Holiday: half eaten bunny
  2. Currently reading: The Bell Jar
  3. Paper: Owl post-its
  4. Author: Simon Van Booy followed me on Twitter
  5. Autograph: Karen E Olson
  6. Favorite: more Simon Van Booy

Have you found Thug Kitchen yet? Warning: there are so many swears. I think FizzyJill would like this site. I love it. Eat your veggies like a boss.

I better go read something. Bye!


  1. I pretty much bore myself these days too! lol

  2. My brain is full of, "What do I need to do next? Overload! Overload!"

  3. If the route is picturesque running is surely fun :) The weather seems to be getting better everywhere, now, it's good.

  4. The wind, the snow, the's been junky around here too. Blech. I'm patiently waiting for SPRING.

  5. Thug Kitchen is hilarious! (In a "Um, kids, please don't read over my shoulder right this second" kind of way, of course).

  6. I am the opposite... I quite like the treadmill. I think it is because there isn't really anywhere to run here. So, I stick inside. :)


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