French Kissing by Catherine Sanderson: Review

After her partner has an affair with his secretary, Sally Marshall, a Brit living in Paris, starts a new life with her daughter. First, she takes care of the basics: gets an apartment, finds a good school for Lila, and creates an arrangement where Lila can still see her father and his family. Her personal life, however, she’s neglected. Tired of the lonely nights, she signs up with the online dating service, Rendez-Vous.

She dips her toes cautiously into the dating waters, unsure whether or not to let her potential suitors know about her status as a single mother. However, the logistics of dating while being a single parent are a bigger issue. Dating isn’t easy when you can’t be spontaneous, have to plan for sitters and be home early. Can Sally find a guy who’s worth the effort?

Lordy, it took me longer than expected to read French Kissing. It could have used more French kissing actually. It dragged in parts, especially Sally’s dates. They weren’t particularly memorable, not sexy or terrible, just blah. Things did pick up at the end as Sally has to make up her mind and decide which dude she’s going to focus on.

I did like Sally though, when she wasn’t being a moron over one particular guy. Her situation is a difficult one and I can’t imagine trying to date while mothering a very young child, especially in a country that’s not her own. At least Sally is fluent in French, as she is an English tutor. She’s got that going for her anyway.

I’m on the fence about French Kissing by Catherine Sanderson. The premise, the setting, and most of the characters were enjoyable but the pacing just wasn’t there for me. The cover is very pretty though, that’s what made me buy it! (Shallow!)

French Kissing didn’t make online dating very appealing. I’m curious, if anyone is willing to tell me, is online dating just one long boring nightmare?

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  1. I read Petite Anglaise and mostly found it okay, so I never actually tried to read Sanderson's novel. I know quite a few people who have met through online dating so I don't think it's as bad as she says!

    1. I didn't know that she had been a blogger and her first book a memoir. There is something bloggy about this one even though it's fiction.

  2. These types of books make for some of the most difficult reviews. That ambiguous "I liked certain parts BUT…" I actually hate books like that. I'd rather love it or hate it, you know?

    As for online dating, one of my dearest friends met his soon-to-be significant other via online dating. Granted, he had some nightmare dates before he met his fiancee, but he is happier than I have ever seen him. Also, my brother-in-law met his common law wife via the Internet as well. It might be annoying but at the same time, I can say that it does work!

    1. Yeah, it was only okay. No intense feelings either way for it. It's nice to know that people do really find love that way!

  3. I think I'll skip this one - I need to plot to progress when I read a book.

  4. I met my partner via online dating. We're moving in together soon and are very happy. I went back and forth between online and traditional dating when I was single. I honestly think it's not that much different from traditional dating. Just another way to meet people! And sometimes that person is really not for and sometimes they really are. :-)


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