Snowmageddon! Readathon


You may have heard that the northern east coast of North America is about to be smote by Mother Nature. Lots of snow is a-coming. Since I figure I’ll be trapped inside all weekend, I might as well take advantage of it and read like crazy.

Will you be snowed in as well? Want to join me in a Readathon? This is an impromptu readathon, so no fancy prizes or anything. Even if your weekend is snow free, you can join in and use this post as an excuse to do nothing but read.

What to expect from Snowmageddon! Readathon:

  • Reading updates
  • Gratuitous photos of snow, pjs, socks, and snacks
  • Weather reports

I’m not going to be formal. Just post in the comments if you want to join in. If I have more than 2 people join, I might think up a Twitter hashtag. I’ll visit all blogs that join. The snow is supposed to start here late Friday night. I’ll readathon Saturday. If your snow starts Friday, go ahead and start then. End whenever you get plowed out.

So, join me and have an interesting story for when you’re in the old folks home and everyone starts reminiscing about the Blizzard of ‘13. “I remember there was 18 inches of snow on the ground. The internet froze for 2 whole days; they had to bring in the army to defrost it. I read War and Peace.” (Exaggeration is required for a good snow story.)


  1. No snow here - in fact, it's supposed to be in the 60s.

  2. I'm probably in with you. Except for Saturday afternoon, when my son will be playing in the Coal Bowl final and I'll be live-streaming, internet willing. Are you near Coal Bowl? His team is playing awesome.
    But I was thinking about all the reading I'll get done on Saturday, so I will join in.

  3. Ha ha ha, love this whole post ;) I was feeling bad for you Easterners until I looked up my local (Northern Wisconsin) weather and realized that we're getting hit with a big storm soon too, ha. That'll teach me!

  4. I'll certainly be joining you in spirit as much as I can as I hope to get a lot of reading done this weekend. I have a run tomorrow that will take up a lot of the morning Saturday but after that hope to settle in and read, read, read.

    Be safe and have a great time reading. Looking forward to seeing any pix of the snow you may get.

    1. Good luck on your run! And I hope you can get some reading done too.

  5. Today is my Snowmaggedon readathon! We've already got about 8cm on the ground and it's not letting up.

  6. I'll be getting the snow the same time you do -and, honestly, don't expect to be plowed out before Sunday evening at the earliest.

    I'd love to join you reading, but it will depend how much Downton Abbey my husband wants to watch. (We just got the Season 3 DVD yesterday. I'll be watching it with him, but I'm a little more patient since I already saw the entire season on-line and I know what happens.)

    Anyway, if we're not looking in on the Crawleys, I'll try to be reading along. Snow on!

  7. What a great excuse to read, read, read!

  8. You may be snowed in, but we went for a walk in our foot of snow that we've slowly been accumulating over the past few weeks. It's supposed to melt some tomorrow, and I'm avoiding next week's forecast. I hope you can get one of those great stories for the Storm of '13!


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