Snowmageddon Readathon: Update 3


I’m awake. I slept in since there’s nowhere to go anyway. The wind is howling. There is not a lot of snow out there but it is blowing around. I’m nice and cozy in my pjs. I actually started reading last night. The book I’m working on today is The Long Ships by Frans G Bengtsson. It’s an odd book but very entertaining. I’m just on page 66.


The forecast calls for 45cm of snow. I have no idea how many inches that is. I’m a metric girl.

Right now, I’m waiting for waffles to be made and, of course, coffee. I need coffee.

I’ll update this post as the day progresses.

What are you reading today? Did you get any snow where you are?


Update #2

So we’ve moved onto freezing rain/drizzle. Everything is covered in a layer of ice.


This is what it looks like out my window. Meanwhile, the Vikings are still doing what Vikings do in The Long Ships.

Update #3

Okay, I haven’t done much reading today…well, any. I’m about to change that. There’s still not much point in trying to go anywhere. The snow is still blowing around out there. I think we had more freezing rain than snow.

Through the window

I’m on page 155 of The Long Ships. I’m almost done with Part One: The Long Voyage. The Vikinging is slowing down. Mostly they’re just sitting around, talking to the ladies.


  1. No snow here - it was in the 60s yesterday and is supposed to be in the 50s today. Stay warm!

  2. There's no snow or ice here but it is cold. Happy read-a-thoning.

  3. We got snow... I am glad we didn't get any freezing rain and there is none in the forecast. I am not entirely sure how much snow we got because there are so many snow drifts because of the wind. We are set to get 10 more... I have been reading, too. :)

  4. I finished a Carol Shields short story collection, dressing Up for the Carnival. Read a few chapters in Calculus Diaries, watched the basketball game (My son's team lost a close game). Next up: continue reading Mistress of the Art of Death, an historical mystery.

    No freezing rain, but still snowing and lots of blowing snow.

    1. Hey, you're doing great! I kind of fell off the reading wagon for awhile there.

  5. Stay warm! It was quite cold and rainy and yuck in TX today, but no snow. Although I hear there's a chance later in the week. Eeek!

  6. Oh my word! I can't believe the ice you got - I don't think we got any here on the mainland North Shore. We didn't get a lot of snow, either. Some - but mostly it was the wind, as you say, blowing it all around and making waist high drifts.

  7. Oh - and we did have a Downton Abbey Season 3 marathon so I didn't get much reading done after all. Sorry I wasn't able to join you this time 'round.


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