A Pinteresting Valentine’s Day


someecards.com - Take comfort in knowing your Valentine's Day as a single person will still be more romantic than Valentine's Day as a married person.

Yeah, that’s kinda true. We’ll probably get a pizza and watch Community. I’m not a very romantic person anyway, as you can tell by the card I bought for my husband (though I did order it early and everything, that counts for something).

However, I do like making things for every holiday ever, so I crocheted this mug cozy last night.

Valentine's mug cozy

I combined two of my Pinterest pins: Crooked Coffee Cozy and these crochet hearts. So that’s 2 Pins for Pin It and Do It (3 if you count that I pinned the Valentine card too).

Somewhat romantically I’m reading Pride and Prejudice, actually I’m listening to it. It’s for my book club but it’s so much fun. I’m enjoying Elizabeth’s take on romance.


  1. Love your cozy! Go you with your crafty self.

  2. Love that cozy! And the card totally counts. The very first round I bought a mug (for my mother's day/anniversary gift) from something I pinned on etsy. Triple win for me. ;)

    Who's the narrator? I just got a download of P&P from audible today!

    1. Thanks! I listened to a Librivox version of it. The narrator is Karen Savage.

  3. Love the cozy. Learning to crochet and/or knit is on my list of goals for the year. Good luck with the rest of your February Pins.


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