Get Ready, Armchair BEA is Coming!

Even with Book Expo America luring so many book bloggers to New York for a week in June, there will still be lots of folks staying home and wishing they could join the fun. What to do?! Well, if you’re a book blogger you can get involved with the virtual event hosted by book bloggers, Armchair BEA. Mark your calendars for May 28- June 2, 2013.

What can you expect this year?!?  You can expect another week filled with introductions to new blogs, daily discussion topics, and a multitude of giveaways in addition to a bird’s eye view of Book Expo America itself!  Last year, we boasted more than 50 sponsors, hosted 250+ giveaways thanks to those sponsors, had greater than 600 participants, and had an infinite amount of fun.  You can expect all this and more in 2013!

The Armchair BEA Team is looking for a International Committee Liaison and 2 Commenting Committee Co-Chairs. Please consider volunteering for these positions. Thanks.


  1. Looking forward to it, Chris!

  2. Can't wait! I wasn't around for this last year and I'm all excited to take part this time around :)

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