Bookish Art: Penguin Postcards

Postcard Poster

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but for Christmas I got a box of Penguin book cover postcards. I had plans for them. A while back, How About Orange posted this project she made with her postcards. I liked how she did it, but I did mine a little differently.

I used a poster picture frame from Michael’s and plain brown paper as a background. It was a little challenging getting it all together. I picked postcards of authors or books I enjoyed or ones that were the most interesting looking.

I have the perfect place for it too. Right next to my bookshelves.


  1. How cool! I have a few of those postcards. Hm. . .

  2. I have the same postcards and I just framed a bunch of them at the beginning of the month. I love how they look! They such a fun addition to my library.

  3. I got those postcards for Christmas 2011, and though I've used a few of them, most are sitting in the box waiting to become something creative. I like what you've done with yours.

  4. I don't have those postcards but I've done similar project and they are really hard to line up, aren't they?!?

  5. That is so cool! I might have to pick up a box of those!

  6. Pretty clever to arrange them as you did.

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