Virtual Advent 2012: A Pinteresting Christmas

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Yes, that’s right, I’ve been participating in the Virtual Advent every year since the beginning. I don’t always know what I’m going to write about when I sign up, but hope for inspiration before my day comes.

This year I thought I’d combine Virtual Advent with Trish’s Pin It and Do It, which is a challenge where participants actually do the things they’ve pinned to a board on Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board where people pin up ideas they’ve found on the internet with the intention of actually doing those projects.

At Christmastime, I feel pretty crafty. I like making presents for people in my life. I pinned quite a few ideas over the year for this purpose.

Holiday PinitDoit 2

Here are the projects I completed this year. Maybe you could do a few yourself.

All the printables were printed on white card stock purchased at Staples.


Wrapping presents like parcels was inspired by this post by Lolalina. Using postcard printables and reindeer tags from Eat Drink Chic, and vintage postage stamp clip art from Stampin D’Amour, twine from Martha Stewart, and regular brown paper, I made my own version. (PS- Print the stamp clip art on sticker sheets from an office supply store and cut out. Use the extras to decorate your Christmas cards.)


I used brown paper, Martha Stewart twine, and this printable from Eat Drink Chic- a movable reindeer- to decorate another present.

tagsknit tags

A plethora of gift tags from Lemon Squeezy, more reindeer tags and knit-look tags from Eat Drink Chic.

crochet star

These Star Ornaments were inspired by this post from Tea at Weasel’s. She posted a link to the pattern found on Ravelry.


I made this Lattice hat for my Mom. I don’t think she reads my blog. Oh well. Surprise!


I followed the directions for Origami Wreath on Domesticali. It was a bit tricky to keep it all together. I covered the finished product with Mod Podge (glue) and glitter, and added a string for hanging. Can I just say that glitter is the craft supply from hell?

Finally, here’s a little music to jingle rock out to while wrapping and crafting from Walk Off the Earth.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!


  1. I love love love the presents as parcels idea! I wonder if I have time to do that...

  2. Those are all so quietly joyful. Love the look of all your projects, and especially the hat you made for your mom. Beautiful!

    Merry Christmas, Chris!

  3. I want to make all these things! Great pinitdoit-ing!

  4. I decorated an entire (long) pine branch in my classroom with origami wreaths (and stars). I used the pages from my Barnes and Noble edition of The Count of Monte Cristo because I knew I wasn't going to read that again, and the pages could be put to a better use. As for glitter? Agreed!

  5. I love all of these things! I wish you were wrapping presents for me this year. :) I'm not sure I have the energy for much of this stuff this year but I will definitely incorporate a little of it (I've got card stock!) and will up my game next year.

  6. These are all amazing Other Chris!! I wish I had the talent you did :p

  7. Cute! Thanks for the great idea about printable gift tags. I think I'm out and now I won't have to schedule a last minute shopping trip when I'm meant to be wrapping presents.

    Love the hat!

    Joy's Book Blog

  8. Love the crafts, and I'm stealing the origami wreath. Spray glitter isa wonderful invention!

  9. Wrapping presents like parcels is a lot of fun! Thanks for joining in again and using the fun, special button. :)

  10. Nice crafts! I'm one of those irritating people that always means to craft, loves it, and has a huge list of projects - but never does it

  11. Yes, good idea. Let's actually do the crafts we've pinned. And let's cook the recipes. And build the decks. And...

    Well, maybe not. Perhaps some boards should be just for dreaming.

  12. I know I'm late (same story, different comment) but I LOVE that wrapping paper! I used yarn instead of ribbon and really liked the look of the gifts but it would have looked better with brown paper packaging.

    Spray glitter. I'm still trying to figure out Mod Podge.


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