Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Uncles, Demons, and Pins

Hello, Niblets! How is your Sunday treating you?

I finally finished Uncle Silas by Joseph S LeFanu. Finally. That book was kind of ridiculous. I’ll have more to say about that when I review it. It was not my favorite RIP read.


As part of Carl’s Readers Imbibing Peril, I watched Night of the Demon last night. Remember on Monday how I reviewed Casting the Runes? Sure you do. I found out that the story was turned into a movie in 1957. It wasn’t nearly as cheesy as I thought it was going to be. Okay, the demon was pretty bad, but it was 1957. It looked like a cross between a fox and a bat. Karswell, the baddy, had an evil beard and Dr Holden was much more the skeptic than in the story. The character of Harrington’s brother was changed a lovely niece, Joanna, instead (of course). My favorite part was when Holden was man-splaining Joanna and she says, “I know. I have a degree in psychology too.” Dr Holden, you’ve just been served! Other than some small changes and filler, the plot wasn’t fiddled with too much. I liked it.

You can watch the whole movie on Youtube. It’s only an hour and a half. Here’s a trailer for it if you’re interested.

Just one more week of Trish's Pin It and Do It left. I did two more pins. Last night, I made a Ward 8 from Tasha’s Tumblr. It was a tad strong for me, so I wussed out and added some ginger ale. I liked it that way, actually. I’m a lightweight.

Anyway… I also made this little vampire from a crochet pattern I bought on Etsy after I pinned it.


That’s my Sunday. How was yours?


  1. Looking forward to your thoughts on Uncle Silas! I actually really loved it despite the convoluted plot.

    The little vampire is totally adorable :D

  2. Aw, that vampire is adorable! I love it.

    I think you'd really like a presbyterian. To me it tasted a little too watered down, but it'd probably be just right for your tastes.

  3. Sounds a fun day! Loving that Joanna answered back to Holden, especially being on film.

  4. That vampire is too cute!!

  5. That little vampire is SOOOO CUTE. I didn't officially sign up for Pin It/Do It this time, but I've still completed the number of pins I would've been shooting for this month. May do a post about it and share some of the goodies.

  6. Love the little vampire! Too cute.

  7. That's such an adorable vampire! I need to learn to crochet. I think I'm getting slightly burnt out on knitting.

  8. I think I've read Uncle Silas many years ago but I genuinely can't remember it so will be interested in your review.
    That is a cute little vampire (sounds like a contradiction in terms doesnt it?!


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