Challenge Roundup for September 2012

It’s been so long since I even thought about my challenges that I can barely remember which ones I’m still doing.

The 6th Canadian Challenge. Just 2 more for this challenge: Shadowy Horses and Brown Girl in the Ring. Way back in July, I reviewed Under the Same Sky too but since I haven’t done a Roundup in ages, I’m added it here. I have lots of Canadian books, I just need to actually read them. 3/13

Carl’s Reader Imbibing Peril. Again just a couple for this one. I have high hopes but I’m not reading that much lately. Brown Girl in the Ring counts for this one too and The House of the Vampire which I reviewed on Project Gutenberg Project. I also read 2 short stories: A Ghost and The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral. 2/4

I really got to get it together and read!


  1. I never got around to signing up for the RIP, but I keep thinking I need to read something spooky. Seems I've jumped right on to Christmas, though!

  2. Same as Bookfool in my plans regarding RIP. Perhaps the Readathon will help you get through some of the Canadian books? :)


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