The Starting Line: A Bloggiesta Marathon (Update #3)


Happy Bloggiesta! I’ll be updating this page as I go along. I have a miserable cold so I don’t know how much I’m going to accomplish but I’m going to try.

  • Update my Book Review Page.
  • Fret over what to do about Feedburner.
  • Clean out my email, again.
  • Come up with some ideas for posts, since I’m falling behind on reading.
  • Write a post for The Estella Society.
  • Link my reviews to challenge posts on other blogs.
  • Change my Twitter avatar.
  • Do some mini-challenges.
  • Etc, etc, etc.
  • Back up blog (Added)
  • Maybe write some posts. (Got a start on this one.)

So let’s get started!

Saturday: I managed to get my mail cleaned out. At least that’s something.

Completed Jessica’s mini-challenge by adding Linkwithin to my blog and coming up with ideas for reusing old posts.


  1. Good luck! I don't know what to do about Feedburner either - frankly I don't understand what's going on with it.

  2. Good luck! I am not worrying over Feedburner (yet) - just go with the flow.

  3. I want to write a post for Estella Society too. What are you going to change your Twitter avatar to? Good luck on your goals!

  4. This feedburner stuff is driving me crazy! I don't understand why they can't just leave alone there has to be a ton of people using it.

    Good luck getting all your stuff done!

  5. Has the Estella Society been posting lately? I haven't seen a new post from them in my Reader in ages.

  6. i keep seeing people talk about feed burner!! what is going on with it???

    1. There's a rumour that Google is doing away with it.

  7. Etc etc etc sounds interesting, wondering how you're going to accomplish that :p I like your new avatar, and grr to feedburner. I'm just glad we know in advance so there's (hopefully) enough time. Hope you feel better soon :)

  8. I see you already got some things done, great! Keep up the good work and have fun :D

    My bloggiesta.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Okay. Let's try it

    I removed the Feedburner from my two Blogger sites (my others are Word Press); I left the e-mail subscription, and I guess I'll have to do more research about alternatives.

    Great list! Enjoy the party.


  11. Feedburner, blergh. I keep avoiding this one. It was working so well for me! I'm fretting right along with you.

    Looks like you've got alot accomplished, though! Hope you're enjoying your weekend of work and blogger socializing :)

  12. Am fretting about Feedburner as well, but I tend to leave things be until catastrophe hits. Maybe Bloggiesta will inspire me to actually do something about it! Good luck with your goals!

  13. Nice job on the list! Seems as though Feedburner is giving everyone a hard time. Best of luck with the remainder of your tasks. Have a great weekend!

    My bloggiesta

  14. I decided I didn't want to fret about Feedburner so I switched right away. A lot calmer that way. LOL!

    Looks like you've made a lot of progress this weekend so far!


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