Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Buncle and Grunt

Holy Smokes! It’s September already. How did that happen?

It’s just as well because my August reading sucked. I just couldn’t get anywhere with it. I have a pile of books on my dresser that has been giving me the guilty eye. I will WILL do better this month. I also have to write a few reviews, etc.

I finished Miss Buncle’s Book which was a lot of fun and started Georges by Alexandre Dumas. This is a new translation of one of his lesser known books. It’s different because the hero is mixed race and there’s racial tension. I’m also promised lots of swashbuckling adventure so that should be fun. I think there might be revenge too. I like me some revenge.

The Pin It and Do It Challenge has ended and I managed 5 pins this time around. Besides my previous 3 pins, I also read Miss Buncle’s Book (I had pinned this quite awhile back). I ignored the heat and turned on the oven for Blueberry Grunt. I original recipe states “Head for Cape Breton, NS in Atlantic Canada and you're sure to find a heaping helping of this traditional blueberry dessert.” The thing is I hadn’t heard of this dessert until I saw it in a Martha Stewart magazine a few years ago, so I don’t know about that. Anyway I made it for the first time and it was only ok. I prefer my Mom’s blueberry pie.


blueberry grunt


  1. Hi Chris,

    Love the title of your post, I just had to read on to find out what it was all about!

    I am guessing that the 'Grunt' is a kind of Blueberry cake, as the ingredients resemble what we would use here in the UK to make a sponge cake?

    It sounds good to me anyway, although some nice crispy pastry may look a little more appealing!

    What's with the comment about the heat? Autumn has definitely arrived with September here. Today has been grey and dull and at 6.15pm it is already getting decidedly dark!

    I love the sound of 'Miss Buncle's Book'. I keep setting myself the challenge of reading more of the classics, but somehow it just doesn't happen. I have added this one to my list, so hopefully it shouldn't slip through the net again.

    Lovely post,


    1. Yep, Grunt is a type of cake poured over blueberries.

      August was really hot. I'm glad September is here with the cooler temps.

  2. Carl's cousin's wife makes blueberry grunt - she's from Virginia. I hope yours was as good as hers is.

  3. I love blueberries, so sorry to hear this one wasn't a winner. I have a peach and blueberry cobbler that is one of my favorite dessert recipes.

  4. I have Miss Buncle here to read!

    Kelly talked about making grunt the other week. I had never heard of it before then!


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