Impromptu Bloggiesta Sign Up


I totally forgot about Bloggiesta, which is a weekend devoted to blog housekeeping if you’re wondering. I’m sure you can do this at any time on your own but during Bloggiesta you are surrounded by other people doing the same thing. You can get help from others working on the same problems or just have someone to bitch to when things get frustrating.

I have a lot of blog cleaning to do. I don’t have a detailed list yet but if I start thinking about it I’m sure to have one a mile long.

So that’s it, but since you’re here anyway enjoy some Fashionable People from Joel Plaskett. There’s a pinata in the video so it sort of ties in. Not 100% sure what’s happening here but it’s entertaining- and work safe.


  1. Love Joel Plaskett! Slow Dance and Tough Love are my favorite, this month.

    1. "You're so cool, oh my my, I like you and I know why." I love that song. I've listened to Scrappy Happiness all of August.


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