Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Pins and Stuff

Since reading is a struggle this week, I finally did a few things for the Pin It and Do It Challenge hosted by Trish. Take a look!

lemon brownies

These are Lemon Brownies found on The Girl Who Ate Everything. Easy and quite good.


A couple of crochet coasters from Lulu Loves. These were quick and easy. 

tiny lobster

This tiny lobster from Maggie Menzel was going fine until the claws. I had to wing it.

So that’s 3 Pins Did!

My husband and I watched The Hunger Games together last night. He didn’t know much about it. I remember when it was in theatres he saw an ad for it and said to me, “What the hell is that about it?” Kinda refreshing. So he enjoyed it. I thought it was well done. Katniss is not near as annoying when I’m not in her head. Jennifer Lawrence was beautiful (and not fat! What is wrong with people?!) And Rue, heartbreaking. The little girl who played her is adorable. I loved Lenny Kravitz as Cinna- come on; it’s Lenny Kravitz! I wasn’t sold on Peeta until the end. Hope the next one is just as good. Those are my very random thoughts about it.

So, other than that I’ve been listening to a lot of music. I go through spurts where I play the hell out of something until I can’t stand it anymore. This week it’s Grace Potter and the Nocturnals album The Lion The Beast The Beat and random songs from Tegan and Sara.

This is Never Go Back from Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. It’s a little weird- sort of Where the Wild Things Are- but I love the song.

Here's Northshore from Tegan and Sara, a song you can rock out to.


Finally, some bookish thoughts. I received Miss Buncle’s Book in the mail this past week. I requested it but it was one of those things where I didn’t know if I was going to get it or not. I was this close to buying it.

Miss Buncle's Book Cover

And have you heard! The Estella Society has begun. Go check it out.

estella society

That was this week for me. What did you do?


  1. Lemon brownies!!!! Those look evil to me. ;-)

  2. Oh man, those lemon brownies look divine!

  3. Those lemon brownies look really good...

  4. I didn't make it past the lemon brownies...dang those look good!

  5. I know that music issue well, and I wish it was easier to ditch as a habit because it ruins many a song. Well done on the crafting and cooking, the brownies look good (and a bit healthier no doubt compared to chocolate ones!)

  6. Ooh, I love me some Tegan and Sara. They ROCK.

  7. Looking at those lemon brownies is pure torture for this gluten-free gal. I could try to convert them, but they'd be door stops. Guaranteed.

  8. Lemon brownies. Nom nom nom. I'm also wondering if Care saw your little lobster crochet project. He's quite cute!


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