Under the Same Sky by Genevieve Graham: Review

under the same skyTwo people share a gift. Even though they live on opposite sides of the Atlantic, they’ve grown up together. Maggie Johnson lives in South Carolina; Andrew MacDonnell in the Highlands of Scotland. Maggie sees Andrew in her dreams, sometimes experiencing what he experiences. The year 1746 will test their connection to each other. Each have battles to fight before they’re under the same sky.

Leave your disbelief on page one, my lady friends! Escapism, ahoy! Highlanders? We got ‘em. Cherokee heroes? Got ‘em too. All that and a profound mystical understanding between the hero and heroine- before they even meet! And when she’s in deep do-do he tells her he will find her, through her dreams. Oh my.

But it’s not all happy fun times. There is some brutal scenes in this novel. Bru-tal. Probably right up there in my top ten of horrific stuff that happens to fictional characters. Graham takes the writer’s maxim of kill your darlings to heart. It ain’t pretty.

If you can gird your loins and get through the bad stuff, you’ll find a darn good plot and excellent writing in Under the Same Sky. I was swept up in the story. The pacing is fast with one thing after another happening to the hero and heroine. This is a romantic story but the hero and heroine spend most of the novel miles apart so not much in the Sexytimes department. The secondary characters aren’t just props either. They have their own wishes and desires too. I would have loved to have seen what Graham could do with characters like Janet and Soquili. 

I enjoyed Under the Same Sky very much and recommend it to anyone with a hankering for a little Scottish romance.

Genevieve Graham is a Canadian writer living right here in Nova Scotia. Yay! So this one counts for the Canadian Books Challenge. She has a second book out now with Andrew’s brother as the hero. Excellent.

Thanks to Penguin for the review copy.





  1. Thanks, Chris! So glad you enjoyed the book. No, I don't believe in pulling punches when it comes to history. It happened, so why pussyfoot around it?

    You asked about the other characters - Penguin will be publishing the third book in the series, "Out of the Shadows" in 2013, and that book tells the story of Adelaide (Maggie's sister) - includes lots of Soquili! And yes, I've started book #4 (untitled so far), which is Janet's story ... I see pirates in her future ...

  2. A Highlander and a Cherokee hero? I'm swooning already. :)


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