Lazy Canada Day Thoughts

It’s Canada Day! Just in time for the 6th Canadian Books Challenge to start. What a coincidence! Have you signed up yet? I have, like I do every year with varying degrees of success. I just squeaked over the finish line this year.

 6th Canadian Books Challenge

Serendipitously, I received some catalogues from local Canadian publishers this week. Quite a few things caught my eye. I thought I’d share my finds with you and maybe inspire you to read them yourself.

kin-coverKin by Lesley Crew. I actually had this one for review for a long time but I like to read things closer to publication date (September) so I haven’t gotten to it yet though I’m looking forward to it. She’s so good at writing of the complicated family dynamic and this looks like it’s in the same vein. (Nimbus)

blood brothers


Blood Brothers in Louisbourg by Philip Roy. First, I’m a sucker for a great cover and I love this one. The peoples- they have faces! No headless ladies on this YA cover. A historical fiction set in 18th century Louisbourg about two brothers, who don’t know they are brothers, brothers from another mother- one is from France and the other Mi’kmaq. I hope it’s as good as it looks. (Cape Breton University Press)


My Grandfather’s Cape Breton by Clive Doucet. This is a new edition of a classic book. I read this pre-blogging and I loved it. It’s a charming story of a boy’s summer visit to his grandfather’s farm. (Nimbus)


chasing freedomChasing Freedom by Gloria Ann Welsey. Another YA historical fiction. This one has been out awhile but it reminds me that I must get it. This one features a young Black Loyalist in 18th century Nova Scotia. (Roseway)




All Is Clam by Hilary MacLeod. Another Shores Mystery from Hilary MacLeod. This time The Shores have a murder at Christmas. Although set at Christmas it’s available in July. (Acorn Press)


christmas secret

The Christmas Secret by Various. Another one for your Christmas reading. Christmas stories from twenty Atlantic Canadian writers. (Nimbus)


So there you go! Some potential Canadian Books Challenge reads from a couple of small Canadian presses. (Find all the Nimbus Publishing books at

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make potato salad.


Happy Canada Day!


  1. I won't be able to do the Canada challenge because I'm already doing two other ones this month, but I wanted to say how much I love their button. I thought about doing it just for the button, but came to my senses. July's looking like a busy reading month already.

    1. Since it's a year long challenge, feel free to jump in any time!

  2. Is that Mountie holding a donut? If so, it's so nice to know that cop stereotypes continue across borders. :-D

  3. In response to CB James, sure it's worth doing for the great, great picture! Also, it goes for a whole year, in case you didn't know.
    I've joined and I thank you for your list. I'm looking forward to reading more Canadian writing.

  4. I really like the sounds of many of these books. I need to pay more attention to local books!

  5. This is my sixth year doing the challenge.

    Thanks for the suggestions!


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