Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Afterword

It's been a crazy week. If you don't know, Armchair BEA (a virtual book blogging convention) took place this week and I helped out behind the scenes. There was a lot to be done and as a result I fell behind in almost everything: reading, reviews, and housecleaning. I have a lot of catching up to do! I also didn't get around to visiting as many people's blogs as I hoped this week either. I'll have to go through some of the links later this week. I might be popping up in the comments here and there. And reply to the comments in my posts. I don't even want to look at my Google Reader. *shudder*

If you "attended" Armchair BEA, I hope you had fun and learned lots! I didn't get around a lot but I did find a couple of New To Me blogs: including Pawing Through the Pages (she has the cutest puppy in her header!) and Girl XOXO (love the lay out of her blog and those photos). There were others but I'm blanking on them. Did you see the Book Blogging stats post? Michelle put that together. What a load of work that must have been! She needs a round of applause for that one. Also, if you were participating this week, be sure to fill out the survey.

If you missed it, here are my posts for the week:

I might not have been at Book Expo America but I did get some books this past couple of weeks!

Pile of Books
  • This Navy Doctor Came Ashore by Charles H Reed. This was an unsolicited book from Acorn Press.
  • Haunted Girl: Esther Cox & the Great Amherst Mystery by Laurie Glenn Norris. I requested this from Nimbus. Esther was a girl who had "happenings" follow her wherever she went.
  • Sound of the Heart and Under the Same Sky by Genevieve Graham. Genevieve contacted me about her books. She's a fellow Nova Scotian and a romance writer!
  • Pig Island by Mo Hayder. Picked this one up used. It looks scary!
  • Tina's Mouth by Keshni Kashyap. A library find and a graphic novel.
I will have a couple of reviews up next week. Hopefully things will get back to normal around here soon!


  1. Armchair BEA has gotten huge so I know it was a lot of work to pull together. I bet you're beat!

  2. I bet your were busy. These events require a lot of work and kudos to you and so many others for all the hard work.

    I discovered the event at the last minute and did manage to get the posts done and get some blog hopping done but, as you say, there is still a way to go. Good thing those linked posts will be there for awhile. I'll be back to read more reviews. Your book stack looks interesting.

  3. Armchair BEA was so organized and went so smoothly. You guys did a great job!


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