The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan: Review

governess affairIt’s a battle of wills between Serena Barton and Hugo Marshall. Hugo is a man who solves problems and Serena is a problem. Hugo’s job is to keep a sleazy duke and his wife together so the duke has access to his wife’s money. Money Hugo needs to start his real life, the one he’s been planning since he was a kid.

Serena, a former governess, waits outside the duke’s offices. She plans to wait until she receives “compensation.” Compensation for what, Hugo wants to know and neither the duke nor Serena are talking. All he knows is the duke is anxious to be rid of her before his wife sees her.

Hugo wonders, how do you solve a problem like Serena? She’s sassy and tough and not like any woman he’s ever met. He’s falling for her but she stands in the way of his dreams.

I hadn’t read anything by Courtney Milan before but after browsing Kobo’s website and seeing that this was just 99 cents, I thought, “What the hell?” A little bit of romance never hurt anybody. And I really enjoyed it! The banter between Hugo and Serena is witty. The obstacles between them are Hugo’s ambition and Serena’s need for justice. Will they overcome? Of course they will, this is romance but it’s fun to see how.

Since this is a novella and only 100 pages, the thrill of the chase is fast and furious. Hugo and Serena get down to business in record time. I wasn’t sure about Serena’s issue. It’s a short book to handle such a Big Issue and it made me a little squirmy. I did get over it though.

This is a good intro to the series The Brothers Sinister which I’m assuming is about the kids. I’m looking forward to it.





  1. Ooh - I love to see someone discover Courtney Milan. I've yet to read a book of hers that I didn't love. And I agree that her dialogue is great - she does so much character development through it. Glad you liked this! I'm excited for the rest of the series too.

  2. I have been loving Courtney Milan's books recently! It is great to see new people discovering how good she is!

  3. I've been tempted to buy this one and may have to soon, especially because it is only 99 cents. I mean, why the heck not? Plus, you mention the banter and that totally perks my attention.


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