Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Bloggiesta

bloggiesta finish

While I accomplished a lot on the first day of the blogging fiesta, Saturday wasn’t as successful. I kind of knew that would happen. It’s harder to concentrate when the family is underfoot. I’m still hoping to get some reviewing done, as well as some odds and ends. Hoping, but not counting on it.

Anyway, I enjoy Bloggiesta because not only do I do all the things I have been putting off but because it’s like a flash blogging course. This time around, I learned more about SEO from April and learned how to use Windows Live Writer from Jacinda. I learn a little something every time.

Check out my Bloggiesta list and see what I accomplished. I'm pleased with what I managed to do.

  • Update Review Archive

  • Delete or rewrite saved Drafts

  • Update About Me page

  • Clean up sidebars Added an email subscription icon- the envelope, it’s so cute!

  • Clean out email accounts (and answer neglected emails.)

  • Reinstall Ligit Widget for monetization

  • Make sure to update Blogher advertising network info is up to date

  • Make sure Google Analytics is working correctly

  • Save blog

  • Do a few Bloggiesta challenges (Jacinda, April, Joy, Penelope). See update post for those challenges.

  • Clean up Google Reader

  • Write a review

  • Added: Changed Template

  • Added: Create Text Templates in WLW for blog features

      Futurama brain-slug
    It’s also April Fool’s Day but I do not have the brain power to fool anyone today.

    In bookish news, I finished The Post Office Girl and started The Left Hand of Darkness. The only new book that came into the house was Train Like a Mother, another running book from Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea. Looking forward to using their advice.

    So that’s it for me! Did you work on your blog, or read any great books this weekend?


    1. I didn't have much luck with bloggiesta yesterday either. I hope to get more stuff done today too but it's doubtful that I'll be very successful.

      1. You do what you can. Blog maintenance never stops anyway.

    2. Oh, I need to find April's post on SEO - I've tried to read up on it and don't understand it at all.

      1. I don't fully get it either but now I know ways to improve it.

    3. I never did get around to making pie. OH well...

    4. I did most of my work on Friday and Saturday. Sunday was more of a lazy day. :)

      1. I like having it over 3 days. Usually I can hit at least one day.

    5. Congratulations on accomplishing all that you did! And, I have to squee for a moment. You're a Futurama fan?! SQUEE!!! My husband and I are HUGE fans. I even crocheted a brain slug for us to wear on Halloween.

      1. Yes, my husband and I watched it every Sunday. It was a silly fun show. We make jokes about Hypnotoad all the time. You made brain slugs? I saw that pattern online!

      2. "I even crocheted a brain slug for us to wear on Halloween."

        That is all kinds of awesome.

    6. You accomplished a lot! Going through my google reader kind of scares me so I give you props for doing that! I have not yet tackled the SEO stuff, but I booked marked it because I am determined to someday figure it out.

      It took me sometime to figure out WLW and I had still had a couple things that weren't working for me, but Jacinda had the answers! She was so helpful. There's a lot that you can do with it, plus it has the added bonus (for me anyway) of making it much more difficult to accidentally post something half finished or early.

    7. Wow, you accomplished quite a lot! I had a great time working on my Bloggiesta to do list. You're right, it really is like a brief course in blogging - I learned so much from myself and the other participants.


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