Challenge Roundup for March

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I totally forgot about my monthly Challenge Roundup. I’ve become a sloooooow reader. Either that or the books I’m choosing to read are more challenging.

The 5th Canadian Books Challenge. Just one more added to the pile read. That one was Red Means Run by Brad Smith. This puts me at 8/13, just 5 more to go.

The Gender in SFF Challenge: Another challenge where I just read one book: Herland by Charlotte Perkins-Gilman. That’s 2, plus I’m reading The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K LeGuin.

The Audiobooks Challenge: Two more books added to this list, just like last month: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice.

I added another challenge this month, Once Upon a Time Challenge, which I haven’t read anything for yet. I will soon.

My Genteel Ladies in Foreign Lands have taken a tea break. I’ll have to get them and their trunks on a steamer.


  1. I updated my challenge page for bloggiesta - I'm kicking butt on the What's in a Name! 4 out of 6 completed (and I've only read 12 books this year - which is pathetic.)
    Congrats on your progress.

    You haven't ever listened to Roger May narrate a book, have you? I can't decide if I should try the audio of The Elephant Keeper for book club. Decisions, indecisions...

    1. Too bad about the pie. :( No, I haven't listened to Roger May yet. The Guilded Earlobe book blog is an audiobook blog. You could try there.

  2. I didn't know there was a Canadian Challenge! I might have to try that one soon!I usually love Canadian authors :D

    1. Yes, the Book Mindset does one every year starting July 1 and running for the 12 months.


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