Getting Your Hunger On

Ok, ok, I'm totally taking advantage of The Hunger Games movie hype to promote my past reviews of the series. Who cares, so what? Here are my thoughts on the books back when I read them. Click on the links to visit the review.

The Hunger Games. I was reluctantly drawn into reading this one in 2010. I was hooked right away.

Catching Fire. Later in 2010, I continued with the Catching Fire. Mockingjay was soon to come out and I wanted to catch up. This time I chose to listen to the audio. I wasn't a big fan of the audio but the story continued to intrigue me. I also used the time listening to it to make a hat that I call the Catching Fire beret.

Mockingjay. The final book in the series came out and I made sure I was first to get it from the library. I managed to read the series in one year, that way I didn't have long to wait between books and forget all the details. This was the most controversial of the three. Many people felt disappointed but I was satisfied. 

So there you go. 

I haven't seen the movie yet. Have you? Did you read the books? If you did both, how did it compare? How do you feel about the movie hype? Justified or too much? And what about the marketing and promotion of products based on the series, any thoughts on that?


  1. I did go and see the movie over the weekend and I liked it. I thought it was a decent adaptation - there were things added which did a good job of adding to the storyline and there were things missing that I did miss but overall no complaints here.

  2. I liked the movie, but I think it's going to end up having a different purpose than the books. I mean I guess a film can't be as complex thematically as the books, but it's kind of sad--there's quite a bit missing/off about the Peeta/Katniss narrative for example.

  3. I am hoping to see the movie at some point, but I am waiting for the hype to die down a bit. :)

    1. Yeah, me too. I almost never see popular movies right away.

  4. I just read The Hunger Games last week. It was okay. I'm really impressed you made a Catching Fire hat!


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